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  • Event Date: 02-Apr-2024
  • Updated On: 03-Apr-2024
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Description: Embarking on the journey from junior to middle school is a pivotal moment in a student's life, symbolizing the start of an exciting chapter filled with new learnings and experiences. In recognition of this significant transition, our class 5 boys hosted a special welcome assembly for the boys of class 4 which was designed to give them a glimpse into their academic future and social life at middle school. the assembly was meticulously planned to ensure a warm and informative welcome for the students. The event commenced with invoking God’s blessings and revisiting the values of our founder blessed Edmund Rice. A highlight of the assembly was a skit performed by students, depicting typical scenarios new students might encounter in their school journey. Through humor and creativity, the skit offered practical advice on navigating academic challenges, making new friends and getting involved in school activities. One of the main features of the assembly was a comprehensive sneak peek into middle school life, providing the boys with valuable insights into what they can expect in the coming years. The boys of class 5 shared their experiences and highlighted the academic, extracurricular and personal growth opportunities available at school. As a welcome gesture and to mark the beginning of their middle school journey, each class 4 student was presented with a bookmark. This symbolic gift was not only a practical item for their upcoming academic endeavors but also served as a reminder of the school community's support and the exciting learning adventures that lie ahead. Our principal, Br. Robert welcomed the boys by emphasizing the importance of embracing new experiences, being open to learning and the importance of individual contributions. Followed by the headmistress who warmly welcomed and expressed enthusiasm over the arrival of the boys. She emphasized the school's commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment. This assembly was a memorable and an impactful event, successfully introducing the students to the vibrant life of middle school. It played a crucial role in easing the transition for the class 4 students. - Report by: Ms. Rebecca Balman
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