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  • Event Date: 25-May-2023
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Description: INTRODUCTION - This report highlights the Cleanliness & No to Single-Use Plastic Drive conducted in Dalhousie by the students of St. Columba’s School, along with the Senior School Administrator, Mr. Chopra and the Environment Awareness & Disaster Management Society Head, Mr. Ramakant. AIM - The initiative aimed to improve and maintain the cleanliness of the town, ensuring a pristine environment for residents and tourists. The drive involved various stakeholders, including the Dalhousie Municipal Corporation and Nestle, working together to create a cleaner and healthier Dalhousie. The students were greeted by the Municipality Commissioner and praised for the initiative taken. The primary objective was to address the issue of littering of plastic wastes and promote sustainable waste management practices. The campaign aimed to instil a sense of responsibility among the students and visitors to keep their surroundings clean, thereby enhancing its overall appeal and environmental sustainability. The members of the Environment Awareness & Disaster Management Society also prepared two posters to create awareness about the campaign, which were carried by students leading the drive at Gandhi Chowk, which is located at the very heart of Dalhousie. OUTCOME - Through a collaborative approach involving local authorities, community organisations, and enthusiastic student volunteers, the campaign brought about positive changes in the cleanliness. The sustained efforts to raise awareness and engage the community have laid a strong foundation for continue cleanliness.