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  • Event Date: 29-Oct-2022
  • Updated On: 16-Nov-2022
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Description: Panchtatva Mela - 2022 “The 5 elements are: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Music” Therefore, St. Columba’s held the much-awaited Panchtatva Mela on the 29th of October, 2022 with a twist. Rather than using speeches to convey the message, musical performances were used to do so which made the event a whole lot immersive. Brother Hugo, who works for the United Nations to ensure gender equality, was the chief guest for the same. The mela was organised by the middle school Eco Club to celebrate the recollection of the values of the five elements which are: Jal, Vayu, Dharti, Agni and Aakash. These elements are believed to be the foundation of the creation of this world and also represent our every emotion through different phases of our lives. The event featured three main organisations which performed on specific themes. The Blind school performed on SDG 14,6 that is, “Life Below Water”. They were able to bring out the significance of water through an enthralling group dance performance as well as a solo song. Pratyek performed on SDG 11 as well as 13 and was able to highlight the importance of clean air through a highly immersive Musical-Play. Finally, Chakul (NGO) covered most elements by a song in their native language. Not only were they able to bring out the significance of the Panchtatvas, but they were also able to emphasize on another form of extinction called “Culture Extinction”. The Chakul organisation works towards protecting various languages, traditions and cultures which have started to diminish in the recent years. Daksh Bansal, a student from class 10, studying at St.Columba’s sung a beautiful song by the name of “Teri Mitti mein”. A self-composed rap was read by student Agrim (Class10A) which highlighted the difference between the environment in all three tenses or ”kaals” i.e. Bhootkaal, vartamankaal and bhavishyakaal. Along with that, Hamdan Hussain from class 9 presented some beautiful epigrams as well as quotes on the five elements. The themes for the event were the protection of Child rights, women empowerment, and environment conservation. At the end of the event, the audience was requested to sign a pledge ensuring that they would work to protect child rights and towards saving the environment whenever possible and wherever possible. Ms. Manju, a domestic worker from Guwahati who, in her free time uses old plastic waste to make recycled goods like utensils, baskets, decoration, jewellery etc. was also invited to the Mela to set up a stall to encourage her small business. Not only is she a significant example of women empowerment but is also playing her part in reducing plastic consumption. Several students from all classes at St. Columba’s were chosen to experience the Mela so that they would be able to spread word about what they had learnt to their classmates during an activity period. To make the event more interactive, students were asked to put forward their opinions based on their understanding of the topic. Upon asking the audience about what they felt about the event, we received the following responses – I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to both the teacher in charge and the volunteers from Eco Club who helped make this event possible – Parent of a student. Panchtatva Mela was a unique learning experience for Nachiketa. He enjoyed the interactive, informative and entertaining nature of the program. Such experiences not only inculcate the good values of respecting our nature in the true sense, but also sensitise them towards our environmental concerns. In a way, it's a step ahead towards the social responsibility of the school. I'll be looking forward to Nachiketa's active involvement in such activities conducted in future.—Parent of student -Nachiketa. Teacher in-charge – Mrs Anjali Pant Volunteers – Sayed Aatif Jamal (President) Aryan Gupta (Vice President) Affaan Shaikh (Secretary) Saheb Kohli Shreyas Deo Ruchir Jain Manan Matta Hamdan Hussain Siddiqui Gaurang Aggarwal Aryan Jain Aarsh Gupta Vaibhav Gupta Anshuman Chaudhary
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