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  • Event Date: 04-Mar-2023
  • Updated On: 13-Mar-2023
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Description: “A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.” Junior School organized an orientation programme on 4th March 2023 for the new set of parents to familiarize them, ‘as partners in progress’ with the rules and regulations, curriculum, teaching methodologies and co-scholastic activities of the school. Our respected Principal, Brother Robert welcomed the parents to the new academic session. Further, he briefed them about the management and the different sections of the school. The parents were made aware of the rules and regulations of the school. Later, the Junior School Headmistress, Mrs Ritu Kaushal, emphasized the New Curriculum Framework, NIPUN Bharat, and the National Education Policy. Moving further, the coordinator and the teachers of the Kindergarten gave an overview of the developmental and curricular goals through the activities done in the previous session. The co-scholastic activities were also discussed which gave the parents an idea of the curriculum. The highlights of the curriculum with hands-on learning activities gave the parents insights into how we aspire for our students to fully discover their creative talents and help their holistic development. Later, Mrs Mehrotra briefed them about the assessment, infrastructure, uniform, and website syllabus. She also gave an overview of the Learning Centre team and their role. We provide a school environment where all children are safe, valued and protected; hence, the parents were briefed about the Child protection classes as well. The orientation programme surely was a step forward to usher in the students in Kindergarten and aided the parents to look forward to a strong partnership with the school in the years to come.