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The Republic Day Assembly
  • Event Date: 26-Jan-2023
  • Updated On: 08-Feb-2023
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Description: Each year, the entire Columba’s family comes together to celebrate our nation’s Republic Day. This special assembly is viewed by over 3500 students and the entire staff. This year’s grand celebration took place on the 25th of January. The programme commenced with the little children from the Junior Wing marching smartly in their army uniforms, saluting the Principal and the Heads of 3 wings. This was followed by an enthralling performance by the students dancing to the songs from various Indian states, showcasing the diversity of our motherland. The Middle Wing of the school began its presentation with a self-composed poetry recitation by our budding poet, Shanken Sharma, praising the greatness of our country. The choir, then enthused everyone with a medley of patriotic songs sung with gusto. The brilliant dance performance that followed exhibited the young generation’s love for their mother land. The Music Society of the Senior Wing comprising students of Class XI presented patriotic songs that evoked love for the nation in all present. Students from the Dance Society made quite an impression with their energetic dance, finishing it off beautifully by waving the national flag. Ujjwal Jaiswal of class 11A presented a thought provoking speech about what Freedom truly means for us. The Assembly culminated with a spectacular Tricolour human wave by the students, a synchornised collaboration of all three wings. In his speech, the Principal, Brother Robert Fernandes congratulated the team of teachers and students for the success of the event. He also emphasised on the need to rewire our thought process to give importance to the selflessness of “WE” rather than the self-centeredness of being an “I”