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  • Event Date: 07-Mar-2023
  • Updated On: 13-Mar-2023
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Description: Teachers of the Computer Department, Mrs Latika Bhasin and Mr Pius Alex conducted a short session for the Junior Wing Teachers about smooth operation, usage and handling of the E-care Pro app on 7th of March 2023. They demonstrated how to send messages to students and staff members using the E-care app. Mrs Bhasin explained how different types of attachments such as photos, audio files, pdf files, etc., can be attached to the message using the phone. At the end of the session, the teachers sent sample messages to parents, admin/staff members to clarify any doubts or problems which can be faced during the process. Mr Alex shared a video detailing the steps to use the app and send messages to ensure better clarity using the E-care web login interface. After the demo, all the queries from the teachers were addressed one by one.