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  • Event Date: 04-May-2023
  • Updated On: 22-May-2023
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Description: “One thing you may be sure of, that while you work for God, whether you succeed or not, He will amply reward you.” – Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice On the 4th of May, the students of class 11-C conducted a special assembly in remembrance of our Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice. The assembly commenced with a note of gratitude and appreciation for the great works carried out by our Founder. Following this, the students enacted a few snippets of Edmunds’s life, portraying the challenges he faced whilst overcoming the loss of his beloved wife and the testing task of educating the poor and underprivileged children. The purpose of this enactment was to showcase Edmund’s journey, which was a path full of obstacles and tribulations. He persevered and did not give up at the time of trial. This act invoked a sense of admiration toward our Founder. This enthralling skit was followed by further insights into Edmund’s life through a brief narrative of his biography, which concluded on a pious note with the Edmund Rice prayer and the melodious song – “Where to Now Edmund?” sung by the school choir. The takeaway from the assembly was to persevere in all adversities and surge ahead. The assembly was much appreciated by our respected Principal Brother Robert Fernandes and our senior school administrator Mr. Naresh Chopra. The assembly was a resounding success leaving each student with a better understanding of our Founder – Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.
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