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  • Event Date: 13-May-2024
  • Updated On: 20-May-2024
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Description: On 13th May 2024, a fire evacuation mock drill was conducted in the Junior Wing. The purpose of the drill was to familiarize students and staff with the evacuation procedure, ensuring preparedness regarding emergency management during a fire on the campus. At 11:45 a.m., upon hearing the siren, students from Classes KG to 3 formed a single line and exited their classrooms swiftly with their teachers. The evacuation plan displayed in the corridors was followed. The lead student carried the Disaster Management Board, on which attendance was marked. All teachers, office staff, the school nurse with the First Aid Box, and helpers left the building and gathered on the field. Upon reaching the designated area, teachers conducted a headcount. The washrooms, activity rooms and corridors were also thoroughly checked to see if any student was missing. The entire building was evacuated within 3 minutes. This drill raised student awareness about potential disasters and efficient evacuation methods. It also provided an opportunity to practice calm in a state of emergency, building their confidence and resilience.
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