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  • Event Date: 02-Mar-2024
  • Updated On: 06-Mar-2024
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Description: Parent orientations are crucial for fostering effective communication between schools and parents, facilitating a collaborative approach to children's education. A Parent Orientation for Kindergarten was held on March 2nd, 2024, marking the commencement of the 2024-25 session. Principal Brother Robert extended a warm welcome to the parents, setting the tone for the event. The orientation began with a prayer song, underscoring the significance of prayer in both personal lives and the school curriculum. This initial spiritual aspect set the stage for the introduction of school rules and regulations, with a particular emphasis on the importance of instilling values and discipline in children from an early age. Following this, Headmistress Mrs. Kaushal introduced the Kindergarten teachers, paving the way for discussions on the expected level of learning in reading, writing, communication, and social skills upon admission. Parents were informed that they would have one month to collaborate with their children should they fall short of the expected level, ensuring a seamless transition from home to school. Additionally, the significance of Early Childhood Care and Education, aligned with the National Curriculum Framework and national developmental goals set by NIPUN BHART, was underscored. Subsequently, the Kindergarten teachers elaborated on three pivotal developmental goals: Good Health and Well-being, Effective Communication, and Active Learning. They elucidated how these goals are pursued through curricular activities and classroom interactions, offering a glimpse of students engaged in various enriching activities. Each teacher explained how these activities contribute to achieving curricular goals and, consequently, developmental milestones. Recognizing the pivotal role of regular assessments in program success, parents were briefed on the significance of Short-Term Assessments and the assessment schedule for the upcoming session. The orientation concluded with suggestions for parents to facilitate the smooth transition of their children to the new school environment, emphasizing the value of small acts of preparation at home. Additionally, queries from parents regarding transportation and communication were addressed by the Principal and the Junior Wing Headmistress. Finally, parents were provided with a circular containing the booklist, transport card, and important information regarding leaves, dates, and uniforms, ensuring they are well-equipped for the academic year ahead.