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  • Event Date: 12-May-2023
  • Updated On: 15-May-2023
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Description: “Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller The students of Class 5B presented a morning assembly on ‘Power of Cooperation’. The assembly commenced on a pious note with a morning prayer followed by the thought of the day. The students sang a melodious song- ‘Working Together’. A thought-provoking poem was recited to emphasize that even insects like ants are known for their cooperation and teamwork. A parable was narrated that unfolded the essence of the value very effectively, thereby making everyone realize that great learning happens in groups and collaboration is very important for growth. A speech was delivered on how practicing cooperation in our day-to-day lives is the way forward and it brought home the point that the key to survival even at the international level is being with and for each other, be it for sustainable development or climate change. The assembly was much appreciated by our respected Headmistress, Mrs. Aparajita Pal, who lauded each child’s endeavors and reinforced that the students must focus on these core values which are being lost in today’s highly competitive world and that together a lot can be achieved.
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