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Recycling Drive- Junior Wing 6th-10th February 2023
  • Event Date: 06-Feb-2023
  • Updated On: 20-Feb-2023
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Description: Schools play a vital role in every individual’s life to shape their habits so that they continue into adulthood. Children who participate in programmes and activities of environmental conservation and preservation in their schooling years will surely learn and imbibe these attitudes and habits to care for nature in the years to come. We at St. Columba’s being “passionate advocates” of recycling, encouraged our children to carry this message home and help improve recycling in their neighbourhood. In our efforts to be sustainable, we collaborated with the NGO Chetanalaya to recycle the waste paper, charts, cardboards, etc., that we use or generate as waste on our school campus. The main aim of the Recycling Drive organised in the Junior Wing from 6th-10th February 2023 was to demonstrate to students, staff, and parents that recycling and protecting the environment is a top priority for our school. This drive further emphasised “The 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse (if not needed).” Learners were asked to follow the given instructions - 1. Collect all recyclable paper from our school buildings. 2. ?Clean out classes, cupboards, drawers, desks, etc. 3. ???Deposit all collected material - old books, papers, notebooks, posters, and charts in the designated area near the Swimming Pool from where the same would be taken for recycling. As part of this drive the young learners of the junior wing showed enthusiasm and made sure that it was a success. Children took the initiative to do their part and also learnt the importance of recycling waste as they spread the message to build a sustainable planet for future generations and save our environment.