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  • Event Date: 31-Jan-2024
  • Updated On: 03-Feb-2024
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Description: “Graduation is a time of completion, of finishing, of an ending; however, it is also a time of celebration of achievement and a beginning for the new graduate.” A Prayer Service for the Graduating Students of class X batch of 2023-2024 was held on the vivid winter morning of the 31 st of January, 2024. It was a memorable and solemn occasion as the students of class X bid adieu to the Middle School. The ceremony commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by our Principal, Brother Robert Fernandes, our Headmistress, Mrs. Pal, Headmaster Mr. Chopra and junior school headmistress Mrs. Kaushal symbolising a fresh and gratifying start to this very special occasion. Alok (9A) and Aditya (9A) led us into a solemn prayer, thus realizing the divine presence of our founder Blessed Edmund Rice. Our school choir, led by Mr. Macdonald, joined in by singing a prayer song… “Hear our Prayer”. Next on stage were the Valedictorians who shared their experiences and spoke about their journey through the Middle school, a time of fun and frolic, innocence and pranks. They expressed joyful gratitude to the teachers, Mrs. Pal and Brother Robert for their continuous support and guidance and for moulding them into mature individuals. The valedictorians’ motivations and aspirations painted a vivid picture of resilience, determination and the pursuit of excellence. Chris Joseph (9A) presented an inspirational story, giving our graduating class a way forward to become global citizens. He was ably supported by Mohammad Zaid (9A) and Lian (9A) who provided the tech support for the event. Flowers and the posters in the background created by Aaron Adrian Chug (9C) and Shaurya Verma (9C) resonated with the theme. Our Principal, Brother Robert Fernandes shared his words of wisdom with the graduating class. He urged them to go the extra mile to be the better version of themselves and carry the heritage of this great institution. He also reminded them to set goals, to stay curious and embrace their life with a smile on their faces. Brother concluded by giving his best wishes for their board examinations and expressed his eagerness to welcome them to the senior school. Our Headmistress, Mrs. Aparajita Pal, motivated our class 10 students and reminded them that they are not merely recipients of knowledge but the architects of their own destiny. The event marked the transition of the students to class 11, highlighting the anticipation of new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The following Valedictorians conveyed inspiring messages centered on the theme of “dream, believe and evolve”. - 10 A: VIVAAN KHANNA 10 B: ANITEJ SHARMA 10 C: KUSHAGRA MITTAL 10 D: AARUSH STANLEY 10 E: SHREYAS DEO :- Incharges – Mrs. Himani Jain & Mrs. Monika Khiani :- Emcee – Rakshit Mohan(9A)