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  • Event Date: 14-Feb-2023
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Description: "Graduation is the time to take pride and look back, A time to reflect on the hardships, the strife, It is also the time to look ahead ... To set our eyes on new goals and new dreams that need to be pursued.” The 26th Graduation Ceremony for the boys of Class 3 was held on the warm sunny morning of 14th February 2023. Embarking on a journey which began 4 years ago, seeing the little boys blossom, no one could have been more proud than the teachers and parents. This event marked a day of celebration and exhilaration for all at the Junior School. It was the time, when the young boys who stepped into Kindergarten-all teary-eyed, holding the fingers of their parents, had blossomed into confident young Columbans over the past four years. The ceremony started on a solemn note with a prayer song ‘Give me oil in my lamp’ by the children of Class 3 followed by the Lamp procession. The students’ representatives presented the ‘Lamps of Knowledge’ to Brother Robert, Mrs R. Kaushal, Mrs A. Pal, Mr N. Chopra and Ms C. Utarid. These lamps signified hope, peace, honesty, love and friendship. The teachers of the Junior school also carried ‘diyas’ in the academic procession. One of the biggest learnings for the boys during their years in Junior School was that in spite of all the diversity, the children learnt to respect and admire the different religious faiths that each one came from. Readings were taken from different religious scriptures and the boys beautifully presented the same in a soulful prayer service. The metaphor of change-‘The Butterfly’ was showcased with a scintillating dance performance celebrating the transformation of the shy KG boys to the confident grads they had transformed into -just like butterflies-ready to fly on their own. There was a beautiful presentation where the students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to our Honourable Principal- Brother Robert, the Junior School Headmistress- Mrs Ritu Kaushal, the teachers and support staff of the Junior School for all the care, love and support that they showered upon them over the past four years. The students of Class 3 showcased their affection for all the teachers of the Junior Wing, as they recited short poems specially written for them. The proud parents and teachers were elated to witness the confident boys from their respective sections narrating speeches about their experiences in Junior school. They sang the hummable song-"Memories " in their melodious voices as a tribute to the cherished memories of Junior Wing. The breathtaking and well-synchronised dance performance on a peppy number- ‘I am ready to go’ which followed, drew much applause from the audience. A stage walk by the young Grads depicting their Co-scholastic teachers was the ‘Show stealing event’ of the day. It was indeed a befitting tribute to the hard work all these teachers had put in for the past 4 years. Parents are the pillars of support and guidance for their children and it was their hard work as well which saw their children standing tall, ready to take the next leap forward. Parent representatives of each section of Class 3 shared their nostalgic experiences of the days gone by in Junior School. The grand finale of the ceremony was the ‘Graduation Medley of Songs’ in which all the students of Class 3 bid goodbye, standing proudly at the steps of the Junior School with their hearts beaming with cherished memories of the past four years in the Junior Wing. The teachers of Class 3 also reminisced their fond memories through an interesting shorts skit depicting the fun times they had with the boys. In the end, our honourable Principal, Brother Robert addressed the young grads, all dressed up in their graduation capes and caps, carrying their scrolls with pride. The ceremony culminated with our respected Headmistress, Mrs Ritu Kaushal giving her motivating speech and encouraging the students.