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  • Event Date: 22-Mar-2024
  • Updated On: 26-Mar-2024
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Description: CSE workshops are indispensable for teachers, providing them with essential tools to navigate complex topics with sensitivity and accuracy. These workshops equip educators to foster inclusive environments by enhancing educators' knowledge and skills, to address students' questions and concerns regarding sexuality and relationships effectively. With this ethos in mind, on March 22nd, 2024, Protection Officer Pooja Guglani, assisted by Counsellor Neha Khilwani, conducted a workshop for teachers of the Junior Wing at St. Columba’s School. The session primarily focused on introspective and reflective practices, highlighting the importance of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) among young students. The session emphasized how CSE empowers students and gives them a voice while enabling them to understand boundaries and personal safety. During the interactive session, teachers engaged in discussions about the various components of CSE, including knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values. They explored how CSE addresses misconceptions, promotes healthy relationships, and provides accurate information about safe and unsafe touches, thereby empowering students to protect themselves. Various groups of teachers enthusiastically participated in group presentations, role-plays, puppet story presentations, songs, and dances to discuss and demonstrate engaging strategies for conducting CSE classes. These activities facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and practical approaches to teaching sensitive topics. At the conclusion of the workshop, Mrs Pooja Guglani outlined guidelines for teachers and caregivers to ensure the effective implementation of CSE principles in the school premises, underscoring the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for students to learn and explore. She also stressed the significance of using accurate terminology for different body parts and promoting students' ownership of their bodies. Mrs. Kaushal, the Headmistress of the Junior School, emphasized the importance of innovation and the use of interesting activities to conduct CSE classes effectively. In summary, the workshop provided teachers with valuable insights and practical strategies for delivering Comprehensive Sexuality Education in a sensitive and empowering manner. It reiterated educators' crucial role in equipping young students with the knowledge and skills to protect and safeguard themselves.