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  • Event Date: 31-Aug-2023
  • Updated On: 11-Sep-2023
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Description: On the morning of August 31, 2023, at 11 am, a mock earthquake drill was conducted in the Junior School. The primary objective of this drill was to assess the preparedness of the students and staff to deal with the potential dangers of a natural disaster like an earthquake. Evacuation drills play a crucial role in identifying and rectifying any shortcomings in the emergency preparedness plan. The earthquake mock drill was expertly organized and executed by the School Disaster Management Team, involving the active participation of all students and staff members. Additionally, it covered essential guidelines on what to do during an earthquake, emphasizing the importance of students seeking stable objects like their desks to hold onto until the shaking subsides. During the drill, the first siren sounded at 11 am, prompting students to take cover by holding onto tables and chairs. Approximately one minute later, the second siren signalled the students to move to the designated evacuation area, which, in this case, was the school ground. The students exhibited a commendable sense of urgency and remained remarkably calm as they followed the predetermined evacuation routes, moving in an orderly manner. Once all students, teachers, and support staff had gathered at the evacuation area, a headcount was conducted to ensure that no one was inadvertently left behind in the classrooms. A student representative held the Disaster Management Class board, ensuring clear organization. Furthermore, the First Aid team assembled on the right side of the field, while the canteen staff gathered on the left side. The earthquake mock drill was an unequivocal success, characterized by the smooth and efficient execution within the stipulated time limit. After its successful completion, students, teachers, and staff returned to the building, and regular classes resumed. This drill not only served as a practical exercise in emergency preparedness but also instilled in the students a valuable sense of confidence and readiness, ensuring their safety during unforeseen seismic events.