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  • Event Date: 27-Oct-2023
  • Updated On: 31-Oct-2023
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Description: As we delve into the heart of education, we are constantly reminded that play is more than just a way for children to have fun. It is a fundamental component for developing essential 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity. Recognizing this, we curated a special day, a day without bags, where our Class 1 students immersed themselves in a world of artistic expression and exploration on October 27th. The vibrant, colourful morning started in the Junior School Hall with the timeless epic, "The Ramayana," a revered scripture and a cornerstone of our heritage, presented by Class 1B and 1D. The young actors not only retold the story but also reminded us of the power of righteousness and its victory over evil, leaving the audience spellbound. Later, the remarkable journey continued in the Assembly Area, where the enthusiastic students from Class 1A impressed everyone with their energy and coordinated moves to rhythmic Brazilian beats. Class 1A portrayed a parable, a fable woven with threads of honesty and wit. This was followed by an environmentally friendly presentation by the students of Class 1E on the theme of "Protecting Animals This Diwali." They also recited a short poem, "Just One Voice," by poet C. Ward, delivering the message to speak up for the animals. The presentation ended with an amusing and thrilling song, "Charlie the Pig." The audience was charmed by the ecstatic performances of all the boys. In the end, the boys of Class 1C took centre stage and presented a vibrant celebration of our great nation, aptly titled ‘Incredible India,’ sharing astounding facts and treasures hidden within the heart of our states and union territories. The finale was a treat as our talented students and their gifted mothers enthralled the audience with a unique Fashion Show showcasing the diverse traditional attire representing different states of our country. The presentation ended with a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem in sign language. The festivities extended to the basketball court where Class 1A, 1C, and 1E set up stalls on Green Diwali, Incredible India, and Treasure Hunt. Children discovered hidden sight words, unlocked amazing treasures, guessed the names of states, and clicked photographs at the "Selfie Corner." They enjoyed magic shows and puppet shows as well. At the Food stall, to earn their treat, kids were given a platform to share their dreams about what they want to become when they grow up. Brother Robert, Mr Naresh Chopra, and Mrs Kaushal graced the occasion. Our respected Principal, Brother Robert addressed the parents and emphasized the importance of connecting with children and encouraging a return to our roots. The students and parents had a spectacular time and it was a day to cherish for all.