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Justice Bioscope 2022-2023
  • Event Date: 07-Feb-2023
  • Updated On: 08-Feb-2023
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Description: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Keeping this in mind, members of the Eco Club at St. Columba’s, assisted by their teacher in charge, Mrs Anjali Pant organized the much awaited Justice Bioscope Show, on the 7 th of February, 2023. Members of the Eco Club were asked to create short movies on any social or world problem that we are facing today. Out of a whopping 11 entries, 5 were selected for the final round, based on their creativity, understanding of the problem, skills required to portray and originality. The event served as an opportunity for students to express their creativity in the form of advocacy. The final five videos were showcased in the Middle School Auditorium, during the zero period. The event began with the recitation of the Hindi translation of a “Rigved” about nature, its qualities and its importance. This Shlok was soon followed by the first entry by Kushagra Mittal of class 9C who made a video depicting the effects of climate change. This was soon followed by a short animation on Climate change and Global Warming by Shreyas Deo of class 9E. The beautifully executed animation was followed by a documentary about the UN and it’s disadvantages by Aryan Gupta and Aryan Jain of class 9C. The fourth entry belonged to Hamdan of class 9B who talked about “Cyber Misogyny” and it’s effect on today’s youth The final entry belonged to Sayed Aatif Jamal of class 9D who created a Mono- Act depicting the harsh reality of educational pressure on today’s youth. The event ended with the declaration of winners by the judges. Winners: 1st- Shreyas Deo of class 9E. ( Climate change and Global Warming) 2nd- Aryan Gupta and Aryan Jain of class 9C.(UN and it’s disadvantages) 3rd-Hamdan of class 9B (Cyber Misogyny and it’s effect on today’s youth) All in all, the event was a great success and a learning experience for all the students. Teacher in-charge : Mrs. Anjali Pant Judges : Mrs. H. Jain : Mr. T. Singh : Mrs. S. Sharda Finalists : Aryan Gupta & Aryan Jain (UN Documentary) Kushagra Mittal & Vivaan Pusuluri (Climate Change) Sayed Aatif Jamal (educational pressure) Hamdan Hussain Siddiqui (Cyber Misogyny) Shreyas Deo (Global Warming) Volunteers : Sayed Aatif Jamal (Host) Aryan Gupta (Host) Anitej Sharma (Co-Host) Aarush Bhatti (Co-Host) Aarush Stanley (Co-Host) Nityam Soorma (Technical Team) Vivaan Sharma, Aarush Stanley, Amose S. (Hindi Rigved)
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