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  • Event Date: 06-Sep-2023
  • Updated On: 12-Sep-2023
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Description: "Kind words may be brief and easy to utter, but their reverberations are truly boundless." - Mother Teresa On 6th September 2023, Class 1E delivered a splendid assembly on the theme of "Being Kind." The assembly commenced with heartfelt gratitude to God, our Heavenly Father, through a soul-stirring hymn titled "A Gift to You." This was followed by a brief skit by the students where they portrayed acts of kindness in their daily lives, both within the school and in the broader world. The skit aimed to emphasize the importance of kindness and to foster a culture of respect and love among people in our midst. The assembly concluded with a captivating dance performance and a melodious song that enthralled the audience. The overarching message conveyed during the assembly was, "Kindness is the act of doing what you can, where you are, with what you have." Our Principal, Brother Robert, and the Headmistress of the Junior Wing, Mrs. Kaushal, extended their congratulations to the students for their efforts and encouraged everyone in attendance to embrace kindness in their interactions with one another and with their surroundings.