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  • Event Date: 16-Mar-2024
  • Updated On: 26-Mar-2024
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Description: "No great artist ever sees things as they are, if he did, he would cease to be an artist." Art plays a crucial role in enhancing students' learning experiences, fostering creativity, and providing avenues for self-expression. The Annual KG Art exhibition was held on 16th March, Saturday, alongside the PTM. All sections of KG presented their unique ideas. The exhibition showcased the creative talents of our young artists and provided a platform for them to express themselves through various art forms. The exhibition began with the welcoming of our Principal, Brother Robert, and Mrs Kaushal, our Headmistress. It featured a diverse range of artwork, including different kinds of paintings, free-hand drawings, and paper craftwork, among others. Each section of KG adopted varied themes. KGA students embarked on a creative journey exploring the theme of 'God's creation,' representing it through various art forms such as paper tearing, folding, and earbud printing. The boys of KGB showcased their love for Mother Earth with a poem titled 'I am a Tree,' delivering a message to care for plants and animals. The art display also had a demonstration of "Non-fire Cooking," where the boys made healthy sandwiches, showcasing their independence and decoration skills. KGC's theme, 'Budding Artists,' was a joyous celebration of creativity, presenting Pebble Art, Blow Painting, Rainbow Craftwork, and Kite Art, showcasing the diverse artistic skills of our young Columbans. The little artists from KGD exhibited an amalgamation of different artworks, signifying the integration of concepts from Environmental studies, languages, and Mathematics. In KGE, the confident boys spoke about different topics while narrating about their various art creations. The enthusiastic students also conducted simple experiments, leaving the audience impressed. Brother Robert and Mrs Kaushal praised the young Columbans for their fantastic display of artistic skills. The art exhibition concluded with smiles on the faces of the boys and parents. The feedback from parents was overwhelming, with many expressing admiration for the talent and creativity displayed by the Kindergarten boys.