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Dyslexia Awareness Programme
  • Event Date: 20-Oct-2022
  • Updated On: 03-Dec-2022
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Description: Under the aegis of the Department of Education, a series of programmes were organized to create awareness about dyslexia amongst students and staff members. Students and staff members in the Middle Section participated wholeheartedly in the myriad of activities. On 20 October ,2022, a session was conducted by the Special Educators to create awareness amongst teachers on inclusive practices to be used in class for effective teaching-learning process. Introduction to the Prashast Checklist, as identification tool and its importance was done during this session. On 20 October,2022, 50 students, including 25 children with special needs participated in an Art Competition titled " Dyslexia- A child’s perspective". The participation was open to all. Those who registered were allowed to participate. The students were full of ideas, enthusiasm and creativity. Each artwork submitted by the students was a story in itself, explaining their idea of “Dyslexia”. On 21 October, 2022 the best entries of the Art Competition were put up on the Display Board in the foyer. This was done to make the students enhance their understanding of dyslexia. Also the photos of some of the prominent dyslexic people from India and abroad were displayed to educate and motivate the students to be more aware. On 27 October,2022, a special and a very informative assembly was conducted by students supported by educators to create awareness on dyslexia. A motivational song was also played, followed by sharing of a case study. Responses of the case studies were submitted by the students to their respective co-ordinators. Top entries per class were identified and acknowledged. On 28 October,2022, An informative video was played in 4-6 and another one in Classes 7-10 on the theme of dyslexia. Both the videos helped the students understand dyslexia, its types and its impact. This helped them to understand the issues faced by the CWSN and become more sensitive to their needs. Teachers present in the classes also assisted in explaining and taking up individual queries of the students, thus raising awareness about how the peer can be a big support for CWSN. On the same day, a quiz based on dyslexia was held in all classes from 4-10. The quiz was conducted during the activity period. Teachers had the questions as well as the model answers with them. So, they were able to explain the incorrect options. This helped in checking and correcting the understanding of students on the said topic. On 31 October,2022, as a culmination to the entire programme, Entire Middle School staff, including teaching, non-teaching and Grade IV employees wore a silver ribbon to show their solidarity towards dyslexia.. Students were also told about their significance. Overall, an atmosphere of inclusion and solidarity was created.