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  • Event Date: 29-Feb-2024
  • Updated On: 06-Mar-2024
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Description: St. Columba’s Junior School witnessed an exhilarating conclusion to the academic year with a series of sports matches tailored for our Class 3 boys. The energetic events included football, basketball, cricket, and badminton matches, showcasing our students' enthusiasm. These matches not only provided a platform for healthy competition but also fostered teamwork and camaraderie among the participants, instilling valuable lessons in sportsmanship and collaboration. The excitement and passion displayed by the participants were palpable, as they wholeheartedly engaged in each match, giving their best performances. These events not only serve as a testament to the vibrant sporting culture at our school but also underscore the importance of holistic development through extracurricular activities. RESULTS-INTER CLASS TOURNAMENTS-CLASS 3 CRICKET - 3E vs 3C WINNER: 3E RUNNER UP: 3C MAN OF THE SERIES: M. IBAD JUNAID -3D | FOOTBALL - 3D vs 3E WINNER: 3D RUNNER UP: 3E | BASKETBALL - 3D vs 3C WINNER: 3D RUNNER UP: 3C | BADMINTON 1st RAGHAV RANA -3E 2nd NAITIK MISHRA - 3D 3rd G VIDHU - 3A |