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  • Event Date: 18-Oct-2022
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Description: An inclusive education system ensures quality education for every student without any barriers, likeability, physical disability, language, culture, family background, or age. We at St. Columba’s strive hard that all students, even those with special needs, learn sharing the same physical space while interacting socially and academically. 'PRASHAST' - A Disability Screening Checklist for Schools has been recently introduced by NCERT. The main purpose behind 'PRASHAST' is to make sure that each school uses a common screening checklist so that there is systemic and regulated collection of data. The team of Learning Centre - Ms. Akruti Singh (special educator) and Ms. Aastha Yadav (counselor) conducted a workshop for the teachers of the Junior Wing on 18th October 2022. The agenda of the workshop was to brief the teachers about the newly released screening checklist by NCERT- “PRASHAST '. The workshop started with Ms. Akruti outlining for the teachers, the Rights of Persons with Disability Act (2016) and the 21 disabilities under the act. Ms. Akruti explained the reason behind the common checklist that has to be used by the school. She highlighted the key points that all the teachers have to keep in mind while collecting the data, namely 1. Prashast is a disability screening checklist for all the schools 2. It is only for screening and referral 3. It does not promote unscientific labeling of the child. It was elucidated by the presenters that the checklist is divided into two parts, with the first part to be filled by the regular teachers (scholastic and non-scholastic) and the second part to be filled by the special educators. Ms. Akruti also briefed the teachers about their roles as caregivers and how crucial it is for a teacher to observe and help in preliminary identification and diagnosis of a learning disability among students. It was also explained in detail how the teachers have to conduct part 1 of the screening checklist. To conclude the workshop, further queries of the teachers were addressed.