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  • Event Date: 12-May-2023
  • Updated On: 16-May-2023
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Description: A Fire safety mock drill was conducted on 12th May 2023. It was assumed that the fire had taken place in the study centre due to short circuit. The siren was activated at 8.40 AM sharp. The teachers in the classes stopped whatever they were doing and facilitated the movement as per the safe exits determined by the DM Team. The students, the teachers, the admin staff and the helpers assembled on the middle school ground. The nurse was also on the field with her First Aid box to assist in case of any injury. It took around 3 minutes to evacuate the entire building. There was no student who got injured in the drill. The floor in charges checked the building and everything was found to be in place. The head count of the students was done and reported to the DM team. No student was found to be missing. After brief feedback by the DM in charge, the students were directed back in the building to resume their classes. Overall, it was a fruitful exercise. Manju Singh Rawat (In charge DM Team - Middle school)