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  • Event Date: 04-May-2023
  • Updated On: 08-May-2023
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Description: A special assembly was organised in the Junior School on 4th May 2023 to mark the Feast Day of our Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice. The celebration was graced by Brother Robert, Brother William, Brother Sameer, and Mrs Kaushal. The assembly started with the recitation of a beautiful prayer of Blessed Edmund Rice. Various incidents from the life of Edmund were strung in the form of a skit that left the audience mesmerised. The great teachings of our Founder Edmund were also highlighted and beautifully presented. The students shared that they can be perfect 'Edmundians' by being respectful towards others, working hard, caring for others, being compassionate and confident. The students emphasised that each one of us has a little Edmund in us. The values were linked with the SDGs and the 5 P’s- People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.The students delivered a strong message about how we can live on this Earth practicing these values, thus, taking care of each other and our planet. The song ‘Where to now Edmund’ was also melodiously sung by the students. The assembly came to an end with a meaningful quote by Blessed Edmund Rice : “But let us do ever so little for God, We will be sure he will never forget it, Nor let it pass unrewarded.”