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  • Event Date: 14-Mar-2024
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Description: The Social Justice Team at Middle School of St. Columba's is embarking on an inspiring initiative for the academic session 2024-25: the launch of Green and Clean Classrooms. With a commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement, this initiative aims to transform learning spaces into eco-friendly environments conducive to both education and sustainability. All the teachers were briefed on the initiative, fostering a sense of ownership and enthusiasm among the school faculty. By integrating green practices into the classroom setting, educators play a pivotal role in nurturing a culture of environmental consciousness among students. Each month, after the monthly checks by the coordinators and the core team of Eco Club, efforts of the students at middle school will be recognized and celebrated for their exemplary efforts towards maintaining green and clean classrooms. Through a structured reward system, achievements such as active participation in eco-friendly initiatives, innovative ideas for sustainable practices, and consistent adherence to green guidelines will be acknowledged. Classes that demonstrate leadership in promoting environmental awareness within their classrooms and beyond will be honoured with certificates. By incentivizing and highlighting their contributions, the school encourages students to embrace environmental stewardship as a core value, motivating them to continue their efforts towards a greener and cleaner future.
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