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  • Event Date: 16-Feb-2024
  • Updated On: 24-Feb-2024
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Description: Topic - Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) In an era where awareness and sensitivity towards diverse personal orientations and safeguarding children's well-being are paramount, workshops on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) play a pivotal role in equipping educators with the necessary tools and insights. On 16th February 2024, Mrs. Vandana Mehrotra conducted a CSE workshop for the staff members of the Junior School, aiming to sensitize them towards the influence of past experiences on personal orientations, while emphasizing the crucial role of understanding learners and their behaviours in the classroom setting. During the session, discussions revolved around the various tactics a sexual abuser might employ, ranging from safe touch to grooming, uncomfortable touch, and actual abuse of children. Furthermore, emphasis was placed on using the "Safety Triangle" approach instead of the "Swim Suit" rule, to empower children and respect their personal space. In line with promoting awareness and understanding, it was stressed that addressing all body parts with their correct scientific names is essential. Additionally, the process of reporting cases was thoroughly discussed and revisited, underscoring the importance of a clear and effective reporting mechanism for safeguarding the well-being of students. The session was marked by constructive engagement, as teachers actively clarified their queries and sought answers, fostering a collaborative learning environment conducive to effectively implementing CSE principles within the school community.