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  • Event Date: 12-May-2023
  • Updated On: 18-May-2023
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Description: 12th of May 2023, saw the first Fire Safety Drill of the year happening in the Senior School. This initiative was taken by the Environment Awareness & Disaster Management Society and was conducted in order to train the students as well as the faculty staff about the DO's and DON'T's during a fire mishap. The details about the Drill are as follows: Fire alarm went off 10: 10 AM - Time taken by the classes to assemble on the field was 2 minutes & 11 seconds - Faculty Staff count on field 17 Teachers + 1 Administrator + 11 Grade 4 Staff + 2 on the water base Additionally, WOODEN PLANKS were set on fire to demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers. - Students were selected and called upon and use the fire extinguisher - 1 water hose was operated by 2 Grade 4 staff. Through this activity, students as well as the teachers became more aware about the use and location of fire extinguisher & water base. OUTCOME & LEARNING - The students, teachers, administrative staff and the establishment staff became aware of the precautionary measures that needs to be taken during a fire and the necessary steps to be put into action along with the procedure to be followed in case of fire emergency in school.
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