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  • Event Date: 24-Aug-2023
  • Updated On: 28-Aug-2023
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Description: As children continue to grow, they spend more time outdoors and begin to learn about independence. However, this newfound freedom also exposes them to potential injuries and medical emergencies. Equipping them with a basic understanding of first aid can prove invaluable in such situations. Instilling responsibility and knowledge in young minds is essential, ensuring that they can confidently navigate various scenarios. With this objective in mind, St. Columba's Junior School organized a "First Aid Workshop" on August 24, 2023, specifically tailored for Class 3 students. The workshop aimed to introduce these young learners to the fundamental principles of first aid. Dr. Praveen Das from Lady Hardinge Hospital was graciously invited to lead the workshop. Dr. Das commenced the session by elucidating the concept of first aid, underlining its significance in emergency situations. A participatory approach was adopted, allowing students to engage in discussions and delve deeper into their understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Das expertly navigated a diverse range of topics pertinent to first aid. He delved into the essential contents of a well-equipped first aid kit, elaborating on their practical application during critical moments. Furthermore, the workshop delved into specific emergency scenarios, shedding light on instances that may necessitate immediate care. Practical guidance was offered, detailing the appropriate measures to be taken if someone experiences nausea, choking, nosebleeds, heatstroke, hypothermia, or an animal bite. Notably, real-time demonstrations provided students with a clear visual understanding of these procedures. The workshop proved to be an enriching experience, equipping the class 3 students with foundational knowledge in first aid. Dr. Das's expertise and interactive approach ensured that the students absorbed practical skills that could potentially make a difference in unforeseen circumstances. By fostering preparedness and awareness, the workshop aligned with the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded and capable individuals. In conclusion, the First Aid Workshop stands as a testament to the institution's dedication to the holistic development of its students. The event not only conveyed the importance of first aid but also empowered young minds with the confidence to respond effectively in times of need.
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