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  • Event Date: 01-May-2023
  • Updated On: 04-May-2023
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Description: A group of 8 students and the event co-ordinator faculty recently visited the Old Fort in Delhi to witness the excavation sites that are being conducted by the Archaeological Society of India. The students were shown a recent dig, the 5th attempt at unearthing the area to find the possible remains of the mythical city of Indraprastha, with both horizontal and vertical excavations - and were given an overview of how the excavation process works. During the visit, the students were taught about the tools that are used for excavation, such as shovels, trowels, and brushes, as well as the importance of conducting background research before beginning any excavation activity. They learned that excavations are carried out to uncover artefacts and other historical objects that provide insights into the past, and that this information can be dated either by organic study or corroborating the finds with the literary evidences, to better understand our history and culture. The visit to the excavation site was a great learning experience for the students, as they were able to witness first-hand the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and history. The excursion not only provided them with an opportunity to see how archaeologists and other experts work together to uncover and study artefacts from the past but also the care with which they are kept in museums, for public view. Overall, the visit to the old Fort excavation site was an engaging and informative experience for the students, and we hope that they will continue to explore the rich cultural history of India in the years to come.
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