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  • Event Date: 20-Oct-2023
  • Updated On: 21-Oct-2023
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Description: On October 20th, 2023, a Rabies Awareness event was organized at St. Columba's Junior School for Class 3 students in the Junior School Hall. The objective of the event was to raise awareness about Rabies, its prevention, and the importance of responsible pet ownership among young students. The event began with a creative acrostic poem activity where the boys eloquently expressed Rabies awareness. Each letter of the word 'Rabies' was used to convey a different aspect of the disease, making it an insightful and memorable experience for the audience. One of the boys even dressed up as a vet, adding an element of fun and authenticity to the event. The session was highly enriching as students actively participated in a discussion sharing their thoughts about rabies prevention. Their enthusiasm and curiosity demonstrated the effectiveness of such awareness programs in educating young minds. In addition to the informative session, students enjoyed a beautiful animal rhyme that not only entertained them but also reinforced the importance of treating animals with kindness and empathy. This blend of entertainment and education made the event both enjoyable and impactful. To further reinforce the knowledge gained during the event, class teachers will be showing a Rabies Awareness PowerPoint presentation in their respective classes. This initiative ensures that the awareness reaches every student, allowing them to understand the topic comprehensively. At St. Columba's we firmly believe in creating a safe and informed environment for our students. Equipping children with knowledge and information about potential threats like Rabies is crucial in ensuring their safety and well-being. By organizing events like these, the school aims to empower our students with the knowledge needed to safeguard themselves and make responsible choices. In conclusion, the Rabies Awareness event at Junior School was a great success, imparting valuable knowledge to the students in an engaging and memorable way.