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Kindergarten Event - 'A December to Remember '
  • Event Date: 23-Dec-2022
  • Updated On: 30-Dec-2022
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Description: The bright rays of the winter sun were shining from behind the clouds, beaming down on the Junior School building playing hide and seek. The grounds were ready to receive the excited Kindergarteners who were entering the school gate dressed in bright costumes, eager to experience the interactive games their teachers had put up for them. Christmas Carols filled the air with the festival flavour that was around the corner. A ‘No Bag Day’ was organized on 23rd of December 2022, in which the young learners came to the various workstations put up by the teachers and were given a platform to showcase and explore the various milestones they had achieved. The art and craft workstation gave their imagination a flight to creativity, wherein they played with paper craft and colours. Playing with hooplas to ring the Santa toys gave the children an opportunity to showcase their hand-eye coordination. The learners enjoyed the quiz on animals and were all smiles when they received their little rewards. Feeding the snowman and the Treasure Hunt made sure the little grey cells were tickled and the young learners were able to find the treasure. The ‘Story-Land ’ workstation was thoroughly enjoyed by all, wherein the characters came alive to narrate the story of the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘The Birth of Jesus Christ’ and the ‘The Rainbow Fish’. In the end, the learners could earn a sandwich, a popcorn cone, or a candy if they spoke well on what they aspired to become or on a good deed that they performed. This gave them a chance to present their speaking skills. The cherry on the cake was the ‘Magic Show’, ‘Aerobic Time’, ‘Story- Ghar’ and ‘Jumpy’ The thought behind the show was to give the young learners an opportunity to develop their decision-making skills. To achieve this, the learners were given limited coupons. Putting their decision-making skills into use, they had to prudently decide what game they wanted to play. The event was inaugurated by our principal, Brother Robert, Mrs. Ritu Kaushal Headmistress (JW), Mrs. Aparajita Pal Headmistress (MW) and Mr. Chopra Administrator (SW). The parents attended the event in large numbers. The message from the Principal and the Junior Wing Headmistress laid emphasis on the fact that the learners needed to be given ‘hands-on’ and ‘minds-on’ experiences for happy and effective learning.