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  • Event Date: 12-May-2023
  • Updated On: 20-May-2023
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Description: We, at St. Columba’s, follow strategic and planned safety procedures to combat the consequences of any disaster related to fire or any other natural calamity on our school premises. Students are regularly trained to follow safety evacuation procedures in case of a disaster. It is our earnest endeavour to prepare our boys to stay calm and protect themselves in any dangerous situation. As part of the safety and disaster management procedures of the school, a mock fire evacuation drill was conducted in the Junior wing of St. Columba’s School on 12th May 2023. This exercise was aimed to reinforce the importance of fire safety rules, such as staying calm, following evacuation procedures, and reporting to designated assembly areas. The effectiveness of fire drill practice can be measured by the speed and efficiency with which students and staff are able to exit the building and assemble at designated areas. It is important that all students and staff take the drill seriously and follow all evacuation procedures correctly. The teachers and students started the evacuation procedure following the designated route. As soon as the siren rang, the students formed a single line and moved out of their classes along with their teachers. They followed the Evacuation Plan displayed in the corridors. The boy right in front carried the Disaster Management Board on which the attendance was marked. The helpers ensured no one was left in the washrooms. All the students assembled in the field and stood at the positions allotted to them. A headcount of the students was done by the respective teachers and reported to Mrs Bindu Fernandes. This ensured that all boys were present and no child was missing. Following the successful completion of the Mock Drill, the students and the teachers were asked to move back to their classrooms. This mock drill helped generate awareness among the students about any disaster which could take place and quick ways to evacuate the building. Our Headmistress who presided over this drill urged the staff to take note of the points which need improvement to further increase the effectiveness of the drill practice in future.