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  • Event Date: 19-Oct-2023
  • Updated On: 20-Oct-2023
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Description: DPS Mathura Road Competition D-Street: Ojas Khanna and Shubham Gupta Secure 2nd Position On 19th October 2023 , a thrilling event called D-Street was organized by DPS Mathura Road. This event aimed to provide participants with a chance to enter the world of stock exchanges and experience the highs and lows associated with investments. Representing St. Columba's School, Ojas Khanna, and Shubham Gupta emerged as the runners-up in this exciting competition. The competition was divided into 5 rounds, where participants were required to make investments worth a certain value in rupees and create a portfolio. The objective was to have the highest portfolio value among all the schools participating in the event. With their sharp analytical skills and keen understanding of the stock market, Ojas Khanna and Shubham Gupta outperformed their competitors in each round. They successfully defeated several other schools and secured their place in the final round, where the stakes were even higher. In the final round, the duo faced tough competition from DPS Faridabad, who were ahead of their team by a narrow margin of only 1050 rupees. Despite this close call, St. Columba's School managed to secure the 2nd position among a pool of 15 other schools. Their portfolio value was the 2nd highest overall, highlighting their exceptional performance throughout the competition.
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