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  • Event Date: 17-May-2023
  • Updated On: 19-May-2023
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Description: “Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.” - Lady Montague An assembly on the importance of being courteous was organised by the students and class teacher of Class 3E with the aim of instilling positive values and promoting respectful behaviour among students. The assembly began with the gathering of students in the assembly area. The stage was decorated with colourful banners and posters that conveyed messages related to courtesy and good manners. The morning began on a prayerful note following which the children sang a beautiful hymn – "This little guiding light of mine". The boys skilfully enacted various situations in school where one should be courteous, exhibiting polite manners and showing empathy towards classmates and teachers. In the end, the children gave a lively dance performance on an action song about 'Good Manners'. Our Headmistress, Mrs Kaushal encouraged the students on their active participation and highlighted the importance of consistently practicing courteous behaviour both inside and outside the school. The assembly by Class 3E was a resounding success, fostering an understanding of the importance of respect and inspiring the students to actively engage in acts of kindness and courtesy.