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  • Event Date: 12-May-2023
  • Updated On: 18-May-2023
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Description: On 12th May'23, the Middle School faculty had an invigorating session with Dr. Ruchika Mittal, PhD, Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist. Dr. Mittal who is an alumnus of AIIMS - Delhi, PGI - Chandigarh, MAMC - Delhi, shared vital inputs on the following key areas: -How to deal with hyperactive / mild autistic / delayed speech and language kids in school/ class and how we can help them as teachers so that they can achieve their maximum potential. - Common speech and language problems in children like stammering / stuttering / misarticulation etc. The inputs shared by the resource person, helped teachers audit their respective classroom situations and identify cues that needed special attention. A key takeaway for the staff, were, tips on how teachers can take care of their own voice and develop healthy vocal habits. The session was purposeful and will definitely go a long way towards achieving Inclusion - in letter and spirit!
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