Aspire Activities
Motivational talk for ASPIRE Students (22.8.19)

A motivatinal talk by one of the Ex-Columban Anurag Agarwal took place for the ASPIRE students of classes 8-12th on 22.08.19. He spoke deeply about the importance of a well thought of career path in order to be successful in life. He emphasised on creating dreams about their future and make sincere attempts to realised them as well. He cautioned his enthusiastic juniors to avoid herd mentality while choosing their streams in class 11 and career as well. The session was followed by Q & A.


At the beginning of session 2018-19, a group of academically high achievers (classes 8th-10th) was formed and named ASPIRE. Various activities to nurture their academic guidance and capabilities were planned over the year.

A glimpse of activities done with ASPIRE students within Sept:- Oct 2018 were:

  • An online aptitude test taken by the ASPIRE students in order to understand their career path through reports on their skill set, value system, personality and interest etc. it was to help clarify confusions regarding the streams to be selected and later their careers.
  • On 08.10.18, a session on wowcabulary and how to enhance their memory using mnemonics techniques in their day today life for academics.
  • On 10.10.18 another session was organized through O.C.A (St. Columba's) where students from 9th-12th were made to interact with engineers and C.A's alumina's for the latest updates and trends along with examination route fir the same.