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  • Event Date: 30-Oct-2023
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Description: Introduction: An assembly on the topic of "Anger Management" was conducted to help the students understand and cope up with their emotions in a healthy and constructive manner. The objective of this assembly was to provide valuable insights and techniques to manage anger effectively, promoting emotional well-being among the students. Agenda: 1. Welcome and Introduction: The assembly commenced with a warm welcome to the students, teachers, and staff members. An introduction to the importance of the topic and its relevance in daily life was provided. 2. The Nature of Anger: The first segment of the assembly aimed to explain what anger is, its triggers and how it can affect one's behavior and overall well-being. Real-life examples were used to make the concept relatable. 3. Understanding Emotions: Students were encouraged to recognize that feeling angry is normal, but it's how they express and manage it that matters. The assembly discussed various emotions and the importance of acknowledging and addressing them. 4. Techniques for Anger Management: Practical techniques for managing anger were introduced, including deep breathing exercises, counting to ten, and taking a moment to think before reacting. 5. Role-Play: A role-play demonstration was conducted to illustrate how to apply anger management techniques in real-life situations. Anecdote related to anger management was shared to engage and inspire the students. The story highlighted the positive outcomes of managing anger effectively 6. Importance of Communication: Effective communication and expressing feelings in a healthy way were emphasized. Students were taught the value of talking to a trusted adult when feeling overwhelmed by anger. 7. Prayer Song and Prayer: To set the tone for the assembly, a soothing and reflective prayer song was performed by the students. The song aimed to create a serene atmosphere and invoke a sense of spirituality and tranquility. 9. Conclusion: The assembly concluded with a recap of the key points discussed and a reminder that managing anger is a skill that can be developed over time. Students were encouraged to practice the techniques shared in their daily lives. 10. Acknowledgments: The school administration thanked the teachers, and students for their active participation in the assembly. Outcome: The assembly proved to be informative and beneficial for the students as it provided them with valuable tools to handle their emotions in a healthy and constructive manner. By promoting self-awareness and effective communication, the assembly aimed to create a positive impact on the emotional well-being of the students. Report by- Ms. Rebecca Balman
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