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School Events

Title : REPUBLIC DAY (2017-2018)

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Title : Christmas Celebration (2017-18)

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Title : Childrens Day Celebrations (2017-18)

In the words of Agatha Christi - " One of the luckiest thing to happen to you in your life is to have a happy childhood"

At St. Columba's Junior School, it is our continuous endeavour to make the young children entrusted in our care, experience a childhood full of fun, frolic and learning.
The Children's Day celebrations marked a day full of fun indeed.  
The day kick-started with a Magic Show that brightened up our children's eyes as they beamed with smiles and gasped in awe with each magic trick. 
The Art Competition displayed their creativity at its best and brought out the Artist in them. The boys drew, added varied hues of colours and  proudly held their masterpieces in  their hands. 
The Special Assembly had a bigger surprise in store as the teachers from the three wings of the school took over the stage with lovely performances. The boys cheered and applauded as their teachers of Junior School, dressed in various attires presented action songs, dances and rhymes medley. 
The Middle School came up with songs and dance performances by the teachers followed by the Fashion Ramp Walk by the Senior School staff. 
Finally with an uplifting and cheery message by our Honourable Principal, Br. Miranda, the day culminated and the boys made their way back to the classrooms where they enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat. 
It was a day that belonged to the children and they surely tucked in some fond memories to cherish as they headed home

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Title : Edmund Rice Day (2017-18)

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Title : Teachers Day Celebration (2017-18)

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On 14th August, 2017, the school celebrated the Nation's 71st Independence Day and it was spectacular to say the least. The whole school which means 3200 boys gathered in the junior school field.
The ball was set rolling with an instrumental performance by the middle school boys strumming the tune 'the waving flag'. Soon after, there was a solo violin recital, 'Saare Jahan Se Accha'. Next came a meaningful poem on independence. The cheerful boys of the Junior School draped in colours of the Indian Flag and the Indian Army  danced to songs depicting love for their country. The seniors followed it with a speech. A medley of songs by the middle school boys on love, unity, and the will to risk one's life for the safety of the country, mesmerized the audience. The seniors then set the stage on fire with a dance performance. The respected chief guest, Col(retired) Davindra Nath Tankha, AVSM ,an ex-student of the 1952 batch, then addressed the gathering. He also presented the school a photograph depicting "THE COMING OF ST.COLUMBA TO ION". This was followed by another patriotic song "Aye Mere Vatan ke Logon". The show culminated with the Principal, Br. E.V. Miranda addressing the august gathering and leading the entire school in the Pledge. All joined in the National anthem that followed.

Teachers Incharge : Mrs.L.Bhasin , Mrs. N.Sehgal, Mrs. P. Arora
Mrs. S. Shaji, Mrs. A. Kaur, Mr. Mac Donald Samuel
Mrs. R. Sharma 

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Title : Columban Plantation Drive 2017

Columban Plantation Drive
Working towards the improvement of nature is as important as educating children. In times like today, when human activities like deforestation are endangering the environment, it is very important to protect it and keep it at its level best. Our school came up with an idea to plant more plants in our school campus to nurture the nature. This plantation drive was supported by LG Electronics which was celebrating their 20th Anniversary on the 22nd May 2017.

This drive was given the slogan, "Let's Nurture the Nature for a Better Future". Not only the students of our school but students from OCA and Pratyek participated in this activity whole heartedly as well. It was the combined efforts of students, teacher faculty and the team from LG Electronics which made this event a success.
Activity In charges:-
Mrs. A. Pant
Mrs. R. Nigam
Special thanks to Br. James, under whose guidance this activity took place.

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Title : ASSET 2017

AQAD  has been the buzz word each day  this  academic year. AQAD which stands for " A Question a Day" was done  in preparation for the ASSET   summer round  , which is a skill based Assessment test using  multiple choice questions to test both skills and concepts. ASSET is an acronym for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing.

The test was taken in Maths and English by students from classes 3 to 10  on the 9th and 10th of August respectively. Columbans from 6 to 10 took the Science paper on the 11th of August.                      

When the results are out each student will know where he stands against his peers across India!

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Title : Platinum Jubilee Celebration - Closing Ceremony (2017-2018)


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Title : Republic Day 2017

25th January 2017
Republic Day Celebration

On the 25th of January St. Columba's school came together and celebrated our 68th Republic Day function.

We took this opportunity to felicitate our retired as well as in service members of our support staff.

All the three wings put up a spectacular show. Our Middle School boys danced at the tune of 'Jai Ho'. We too sang a patriotic song.  Our boys played the musical instruments and sang under the guidance of Mr. Sam Mac Donald.

There was an enlightening speech and a poem recited on behalf of the Senior School. The Junior School boys performed a dance and drama to depict the culture of the various states of our country. They were awful and amazing.

It was also a pleasure to hear Shri. Jagdish and Shri. John, singing a patriotic song for our boys as well as for their colleagues.

Br. Miranda, our Principal, the three administrators and a few eminent personalities from the provincial team graced the occasion by handing out tokens to our support staff. It was a wonderful day marked in the history of our 75th jubilee year celebration. 

Vinitha Watson
Staff - Middle School

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